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Go Omni was derived from an IT and a telecommunications perspective. With regard to telecom and mobile computing, the leaders at Go Omni found a need not only suited for Enterprise level companies, but also companies who are very fluid and agile in today's ever-changing business climate. The philosophy at Go Omni is to be one with your office, even if you are never in the office, the office is never left behind. With the explosive growth in readily available bandwidth it is not important to rely on off the shelf devices to manage your computing power or your day to day operations. Now with Go Omni you can bring any device regardless of processing power, memory and storage and operate using our state of the art cloud solutions. We have helped many companies in various verticals deploy their companies in the cloud. Why not yours?


You have worked hard on building your business. Why take time away from your customers trying to support your IT operations and business processes? Go Omni has solutions that will keep you out in the field, mobile and efficient. Allowing you more time to meet with clients, attract new clients or play golf. Go Omni can simplify your IT processes and keep you connected to your office, your clients and your staff from any device with any app any way you like your office configured. Whether you are an office of 5 or 500 Go Omni has solutions that will keep you working smarter, driving more revenue and creating a concise working environment with a consistent platform streamlined for employee communication, collaboration and success.


Your time is valuable. Chances are your firm has little to no IT staff. With Go Omni's cloud computing technologies we take the worry and hassle of dealing with servers, hardware and support issues off your hands so that you can focus on your practice. After all you went to school to practice law not novice garage IT work. If your practice is fortunate enough to have a sophisticated IT staff, we have solutions that will virtually eliminate large capital expenditures. Let Go Omni develop a private cloud for your firm that can work as a hybrid with premise based solutions or carry your entire infrastructure into our private cloud. Whatever your needs we have the tools to allow your IT staff to manage your private cloud seamlessly with any applications or resources you need to support your practice. Go Omni understands that time is money, if you are loosing time due to software and hardware upgrades and management of these technologies, get in touch.


Do you want to expand your practice? Become more profitable? Streamline your business operations? Utilize our Go Omni cloud services to host your EMR solutions and software. No need to purchase expensive application servers database servers and storage servers. Host all of your line of business applications in your own private Go Omni cloud.

How secure is your data? With Go Omni cloud solutions we have the highest security audit standards in the business. Our data centers are SSAE 16 certified and SOC 1,2 and 3 compliant. Our data centers hold other certifications specific to other industries we serve as well. Are you a large healthcare organisation? Tired of huge capital expenditures and the old break fix problems? Go Omni can eliminate all of these issues and provide you with flexible solutions that your IT department can control and deploy on the fly with utmost flexibility and security.

Streamline your Business

Imagine a world where all of your IT needs are streamlined and business processes are all at your fingertips.  Now this is no longer a dream.  With our Unique cloud services, we can deploy all of your customer line of business applications in the cloud allowing you to truly work from any device anywhere you have an internet connection.  By hosting not only your data in the cloud, but by hosting your work enviroment in the cloud, we eliminate the hassles and worries of the everyday IT scenario.  Thus, allowing you to focus on your core business.  IT hassles can cost you plenty of time and money, by managing these on hosted servers in the cloud, we eliminate the day to day hassles that come with having on premise hardware and software.  Using our mobile technologies you will no longer need to lug around a heavy laptop to access your companies workspace.  Tablets are replacing laptops, and our cloud technologies allow you to continue to harness the processing power of cutting edge servers and software in the palm of your hand.



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